Sitting on the couch and watching TV is a significant human movement. After working for long hours and spending most of your time sitting in the office, all you want to do is take a nice calm bath and sit in front of the TV with something delicious to eat. To those who spend their weekdays in this manner, TV is generally their source of happiness. Additionally, there are so many shows that can give you laughter, enticement, romance and thrill, all of which are associated in making you happier.

Watching a movie or series has become than just a pass time today. Youngsters today organise a movie night to watch a particular movie no one in the group has seen and try to have fun together. If you have a romantic partner, you can watch any common favourite series or movie which will bring you even closer and give you a lot to talk about. The most joy comes particularly from watching a comedy series. It is obvious the comedy series is meant to make us laugh and hence it gives us more happiness. If you are ever feeling anxious or depressed just start watching funny series such as Friends, Brooklyn 99, The Office, New Girl or any other of your preference since there are many to choose from. Some of these series will even depict a circumstance from your own life and it will make it even more interesting to watch it.

The more interested you become, the happier you will be. In the end, all you will wish after a long weekend will be to sit in and enjoy your TV shows. Given today’s pandemic situation worldwide, that would also keep you safer than to going out or on a trip. So, the next time you feel depressed, sad or tired, just switch on your TV start going through your favourite shows. To make it more interesting, call some friends at your place and make it a party.