Everyone is trying his level best for daily happiness. For which he is working hard. To sustain happiness is very important. Happiness comes from within. There should be better choices in thought for better results. To sustain happiness and stop it from being depleting many things need to be done. Here we look at a few things to stop depleting our daily happiness.

There is nothing noble is being to be superior to fellow man. To find happiness and improve the quality of life, we need to look outside. For that self-observation is the key. It may be difficult as we are busy doing things for others. Concentrate on body and mind movement also. What thoughts entering our minds also need to be observed.

After noticing and observing a few things happening in mind and body, the first step you need to take is to put brakes. Hitting the pause button may be easy but the vacuum created due to this can be quickly filled up with familiar thoughts. The pause button need not be stretched much.

Breathing and meditation play a bigger role in sustaining happiness. You need to listen to calming music also, as the study shows even two minutes of relaxing music will help you a lot. Silence is important but there can temptation of picking the phone or doing something. However, the practice of focusing on breathing can help us push some temptation. By focusing on inhalation and exhalation you can keep our mind calm and subsequently will help you to sustain happiness.

Self-discovery and acceptance are very important. Once we put fingers on the assumption, prediction, etc will lead to stress and lack of happiness. The process of self-discovery is one in which person self questions and examines thoughts, words, and actions. This will surely help to stop depleting our happiness.

Changing, adapting, and growing requires consistent practice and conscious efforts. Bad thoughts can be replaced with persistence and practice as well as determination. We should be careful about what we are allowing to enter in mind, as it is critical for our Overall personality and happiness.