‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. This saying always comes to our mind when we see our friend in a difficult situation in his life. If you see your friend or family member suffering from depression, you think of nothing else other than to help him. But offering emotional support can sometimes be challenging as we lack the knowledge to say the right thing to a depressed person. If we use the wrong words, we may end up causing more problems than solving. Here are some ways to cheer up your friend: –

  • Understand depression – You must know what you are dealing with before you jump in to solve the problem. You must perform thorough research on what depression is and what causes depression. A bad relationship, failure, getting bullied, are some of the root causes of depression.
  • Identify the problem – The depressed person tends to isolate himself. He feels like the world has turned against him and nothing is permanent in this world. So, don’t rush or push him by throwing questions at them. Try not to annoy them. Try investigating his life and finding the source of his depression by yourself and take away the burden of him having to explain you everything. A sad person may be embarrassed to talk about things that are bothering him.
  • Express your concern – Start by bringing them comforting food (cake, ice cream, chocolate, pizza etc.) or by taking them to their happy place (beach, park, movie, long drives etc.).  This will help them cope up their mood. Ask them how they feel. Ask them what you can do to make them feel better. Let him know that he doesn’t have to deal with it on his own.
  • Rebuild their emotions – It is common to lose self-confidence and hope when a person is depressed. Help them build that confidence. Remind them about their strength and the qualities that make them a good person. Inspire them to not give up and keep trying on making his life better.

This suggestion should prove to be effective to deal with a person suffering from depression. However, the best possible way to help your loved ones is through seeking professional help. There is no shame in taking therapy sessions. It is not a taboo. Encourage your friend to take professional help because that is the best way to help.