Setting right goals for yourself gives you a sense of direction in life. You are able to assess yourself well and accordingly focus your attention towards achieving the set goal.

You constantly feel motivated and happy even in tough times.

Research has found that as you make progress towards your goal, you tend to feel happy and satisfied in life. Especially if it complements your interests and likes.

These positive emotions further motivate and inspire you to achieve your goal.

The reasons why goal setting makes you happy are as follows:

  • You get a clear idea of what you want in life and thus divert your focus on acquiring that goal.
  • Since your priorities are set, you develop a good control over your life and utilize your time in a proper manner.
  • Setting goals provides you a chance to discover yourself. It makes you feel confident and enthusiastic while acquiring the goal of your interests.
  • You recognise your strengths and weaknesses and develop new skills accordingly.
  • When you finally accomplish your goal, you feel proud and happy.
  • Setting realistic and achievable goals leads to positive emotions. Dopamine hormones are released in your body when you set your goals and accomplish them, no matter how small or big that goal is. As a result, you feel motivated and continue to aspire to your desired goals.
  • Also, you no longer feel lost in life. Instead, you experience positivity and hold high regards for yourself.

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