Since all of us are caught inside because of the pandemic, our state of mind soar on splendid days and explore the deepness after a downpour. Such momentary emotional episodes are not surely known; however, animal behaviour gives valuable results. This means, if we observe any human or animal and record its mood and how it changes according to the weather, we surely can conclude that weather plays a huge role in our disposition. However, which weather provides what kind of feeling, is dependent on the character of the person, and it cannot be assumed. It is not always same in all cases.

A rainy day can really make people feel low, lazy and bored. Since its raining outside and there‚Äôs water everywhere, it is irritating and tiresome. However, this cannot be said in the case of introverts. People who already wish to stay confined indoors and not go outside enjoy the rains with snacks and a cup of coffee in their hands. Similarly, young kids might get bored and annoyed at home since they can’t play to go outside because of rains. But adults and older people sit back, relax and enjoy the rains with a cup of tea. That is mood swings based on weather depend on the character of the individual.

Summers are fun. You can go to the beaches, play outside, you can go on picnics on a sunny day. You can do all the fun activities in summer. Just watching a pleasant sunrise or sunset gives one immense pleasure and satisfaction. Everything around us is happy and jolly and are busy with their own adventures. To some, summers may be too sweaty and they choose to sit home in an air-conditioned room. In winters the cool breezes, longer nights covered in stars, snow all these factors help in bringing joy to our lives. Just sitting under the stars inside a cosy blanket with your partner can bring a huge amount of happiness to both. Kids often enjoy playing outside in the snow. But again, some people might not be delighted with this season because it brings problems like dry skin, dry lips, constant shivering and it also makes people hungrier. Whatever the case is, we must all learn to enjoy and be happy with every weather. That is what living life in the present without any regrets means!!