‘ME Time’ is about being present with yourself, both mentally and physically. Taking the much-needed time-out to refuel your batteries is thought of as ‘Me Time.’ Me time can be spent in a variety of ways and is unique to each individual. Relaxing, reading a book, going for a stroll, doing yoga, getting your hair or nails done, and a number of other activities can allow you to accomplish it.

Enjoying ‘ME Time’ to the fullest is a great source of happiness because our body and mind are inextricably linked, and they need to be in sync to function efficiently. You may see changes in both if they aren’t. It’s fascinating how our minds and bodies interact with us and taking Me Time on a regular basis allows you to decipher their messages and act on what you need to be healthy.

‘Me Time’ reboots our brains which helps us feel relieved. Taking ‘Me Time’ helps to unwind ourselves and truly enjoy our own company and brings us closer to ourselves. ‘Me Time’ improves our concentration and makes us more productive at what we do. It helps us achieve a better work-life balance which makes work less stressful, leading to us experience happiness. ‘Me Time’ is also said to enhance one’s social relationships and better relationships are known to boost our levels of happiness.

It is therefore important to choose how you spend your ‘Me Time’ wisely as it allows us to feel more competent in our lives. Invest your time in those activities that help you come more closer to yourself. Here are a few activities you can do to enjoy your ‘me time’.

1) Spend your Me Time by reading a good book, or enjoy good music.

2) If you are into sports, play some sports or play video games at home.

3) Temporarily unplug from your gadgets.

4) Go out on dates with yourself. Plan them and make it happen.

5) Go out on walks, enjoy the sunsets, the sunrises, and the pretty skies.

Each one can choose to spend their me time in their own way. It can be in the simplest activity too. But these how you spend you spend your ‘Me Time’ acts as a source of happiness and therefore choose them wisely.

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