With the ongoing pandemic, everyone’s sleep schedules have been seriously affected. We go to bed late at night and end up waking very late in the mornings. As per reports, people who go to bed late and wake up late often have health issues because their biological clocks are out of sync with modern society’s regular routines. Here are a few reasons why waking up late in the morning affects our good day.

1) Less productive

Getting up late in the morning causes you to be behind schedule for the rest of the day. It takes away hours from your work schedule, thereby hindering your speed. According to studies, when a person wakes up late, he is less enthusiastic and takes longer to complete a task that would take longer otherwise. This leads to less productivity.

2) Mental health

The elevated stress level is one of the most major disadvantages of waking up late. When you wake up late, you feel compelled to speed through the morning. This has a negative impact on your optimism, and instead of maintaining a happy mood throughout the day, you are always stressed and grumpy.

3) Poor sleep quality

One of the many reasons why late risers wake up late is that they often go to bed late. When staying up late becomes a habit; it has an impact on the quality of your sleep in the long run.

4) Less energetic

Waking up late often leads one to be lethargic and tired all throughout the day. They have mood swings and temper outbursts as well.

5) Unhealthy food consumption

Since they feel unpleasant and stressed, they eat too much sugar to make themselves feel better. This is extremely harmful to one’s health.

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