Money is one thing that helps us fulfil our basic needs and if you have it in abundance, you would be able to achieve your goals and make yourself happy.

Wisdom presumes that money can’t buy happiness but a research conducted in 2010 shows that people feel more and more happy as they make more and more money. The well-being of a person is improved as they make more money.

Well, in a store you won’t be able to buy happiness but you can definitely buy a thing with money that makes you happy or content.

With money, people get the opportunity to choose the life they want to live. You can spend your money on the experiences that make you feel happy. For instance, if you have enough money, you can go out on a vacation at your favourite destination either with your friends or family. This alone will make you happy.

Money has the power to fix any problem that causes stress and unhappiness. For example, if you have any health problems and you don’t have enough money, it adds up to your stress. Therefore, money can help find quick solutions and lower your stress while making you feel satisfied.

When you get a raise in your salary, you feel happy for a few days but it does not last long.

Although people believe that money can bring long term happiness, that is not true. Money is capable of offering only fleeting happiness.

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