One of the complex diseases is depression and no one knows what exactly causes it, although it happens for a variety of reasons. Depression is better classified as mood disorder. It is the feelings of sadness, loss or anger. People undergo depression due to some serious medical illness or they might experience depression due to some life changing events.

Symptoms of depression

Depression can affect one’s mood or body and the symptoms may be ongoing or can go and come.

The symptoms of depression are listed below:

1. Changes in moods

Men experience anger, irritability, aggressiveness, anxiousness and restlessness whereas women feel irritation. A depressed child would often cry, display anger and have constant mood swings.

2. Emotional well being

Men and women emotionally feel empty, sad and hopeless whereas in a child, feelings of incompetence or despair creeps in.

3. Changes in behaviour

People with depression have a lack of interest in things. They no longer find pleasure or happiness in their favourite activities. They easily feel drained and suicidal thoughts tend to pop its ugly head. Many men turn to excessive drinking or drug use and also engage in high-risk activities. Children with depression would refuse to go to school or avoid meeting friends or siblings.

4. Changes in their Cognitive abilities

Depressed person might find it difficult to concentrate and complete a task. In a conversation, their responses are delayed. They tend to think and talk more slowly.

5. Changes in sleeping patterns

Excessive sleepiness, restless sleep, insomnia are all symptoms of depression.

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