Being unhappy can lead to poor health, and poor health can lead to even more unhappiness. It’s a two-edged weapon that you should stay away from. Another way to be successful is to realise your dreams. Happy people are healthier, and people who are healthier live much longer. It’s only logical.

Here are a few reasons why chasing dream can lead to happiness

1. They make it worthwhile to live.

Even on the hardest days, your aspirations can keep you going. If you’re having trouble, your goals are what motivate you to keep going. They are the reason you get up every morning and begin again.

2. You have the potential to inspire people.

You can act as an example and a motivator for others to give it a chance. You may assist them, educate them, and motivate them to continue.

3. You are capable of supporting your family.

It’s difficult to fail once you’re this motivated. You will be able to provide for your family if you are highly focused on your goals and ensure that you can earn money along the road.

4. Since no one will look after them for you.

Let’s confront it, no one else will go after your goals for you. Everyone has their own aspirations and objectives for what they want to accomplish in their lives. No one will take the risk if you don’t.

5. For your own sanity

It’s sad to live a life without dreams. Look for yours everywhere, and make a pledge to yourself that you’ll start pursuing them. You will notice a big change in how you feel as you get started on the route to your goal.

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