Honesty is the best policy, it indeed keeps you away from guilt, overthinking and makes you more of a highly valued person. It increases your self-worth and value in your own eyes as well as in others. They say, speak the truth even if your body shivers while speaking it. The power of truth and honesty is such that it makes you the most trustable, honest, confident and strong individual.

Honesty is the pathway towards happiness, it frees you from all sorts of guilt and problematic situations. We internally tend to feel extremely relaxed, stress-free and more joyous when we tend to be honest and speak the truth, this is the power truth has.

Imagine, speaking a lie and keeping the other person guessing about something, won’t you feel a lot uncomfortable for cheating, lying or hiding the truth when you knew your one truth could have changed everything? Yes, we all have felt that in our lifetime, when we lie we tend to feel anxious, get worried about the “after outcome” if someone comes to know about our hidden truth.

We tend to be highly guilt-driven and then sleepless nights and overthinking starts to become our companion. We tend to also pay less attention to our work and many other things.

But think the opposite of it, what if we speak the truth, however harsh it is, maybe the person in front of you might not be ready to hear it, might lash out at you. But, all these inconsistencies will only be for a certain time after that everything will be alright. You will be happier, calm and stress-free after speaking the truth and by being honest.

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