The adolescent years are a period for exploration and self-discovery, road excursions, alcohol tasting, and fast food runs. First kisses, pointless arguments, embarrassing Snapchats from ten years from now, and bad TikTok that you thought were the shit are all part of growing up.

1. Take extra pictures
On a night out, take pictures using cheap disposable cameras when your face is sweating and your hair is a mess. Take pictures while wearing mismatched pajamas and hanging upside-down from your friend’s bed. Take pictures you’re not proud of.

2. Make use of printing them
When was the last time you had your pictures printed? How many of your older, stolen iPhones have you lost? Print them off and place them in picture albums by going to Kmart. Cover the pages of your books with stickers, amateurish drawings, and notes from pals. Be sure to include the Snapchats and the text message images.

3. Allow yourself to fall in love
Allow yourself to adore something. Love someone for their body, spirit, or face. Hold hands, exchange kisses, and get to know the other person. Fall in love with a certain dish, whether it be Saturday morning Thai or Friday night cheap kebabs. Make it a yearly event for your pals.

4. Read more
Publish additional books. Make sure they have an aged, musty scent. Candles should be lit as you soak in a warm bubble bath and lose yourself in stories of love and forgiveness. Gain knowledge from fictional people while escaping a reality that frequently fills you with dread, rage, and sadness.

5. Utilize your days.
On a Saturday, get up early and go about your day. Spend less time feeling hungover and more time taking a dip in the water at dusk or enjoying picnics in the waning light on a cliff. Go up a mountain in the pouring rain and get covered in mud.

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