Having fun on a regular basis affects you positively, always producing happy-go hormones and keeping you happy.

Here’s how having fun affects you:

1. You Feel Energised

Having fun relieves you of negative feelings and fills you with positivity. As you let go of the draining emotions, you feel energised and happy in life.

2. Heals Emotional Wounds

New and happy memories are created when you have hell lot of fun. It helps you perceive life in a new way and reminds you of important things in life.

3. Makes You Feel Young

The more fun you have, the younger you will feel. Expose that hidden funny-childish side from time to time and feel young again.

4. Reduces Stress

When you are laughing your heart out alone or having a great time with your colleagues, your stress seems to disappear. This is so because when you are having fun, feel-go hormones are released into your system.

5. Good Sleep

The day you have a lot of fun, is the day you get soundless sleep. Your body, mind and soul feels happy and satisfied when you enjoy yourself and relaxes your body.

6. Develop Social Skills

Most of the time, we have fun with our friends and when we part-take in playful and fun activities it involves team spirit and communication. Having fun gives you a chance to come out of your comfort zone and improve your social skills.

7. Increases Productivity

At work, when you take breaks and have fun, you feel free from all the raging stressful thoughts. As a result, you feel refreshed to continue with your work.

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