In today’s hectic world, happiness has become very important. People often think that materialistic things bring happiness; however, the meaning of true happiness is beyond materialism. Happiness lies in the realms of community, connection and contribution. These are the way that offers a sense of fulfilment that transcends the short-term satisfaction of worldly things.

Community: It acts as a support network that fosters a sense of belonging and experiences. It helps to find authentic connections where people can connect with shared values, interests and aspirations. With community, people can discover deep meaning and find joy in relationships instead of material things.

Connection: It builds meaningful relationships with oneself, others, and the world. It also fosters empathy, understanding, and emotional bonds that make you feel contented. A good connection often leads to happiness, compassion, and genuine human interaction.

Contribution: Your contribution matters the most, whether through acts of kindness, volunteering, or spreading positivity; it plays a crucial role in real happiness. The habit of giving back to society fosters a sense of fulfilment. At the same time, happiness can be derived from improving people’s lives.