Perfection is a myth. When people hype about, “being perfect”, “want to be perfect”, or as “being a perfectionist”? Like really, what is it? Perfect for us might not be perfect for you! The definition of “perfect” varies for every individual on this planet. And now as the definition of “perfect” might vary for every person and even for us at a certain point in time, so are we going to spend our entire life fitting into those hypocritical and illusioned boxes of “perfection”!!

We love being the complaint boxes, we complain more and appreciate less. We tend to accept ourselves less for the way we are and underestimate ourselves more for not attaining a particular goal. We become blindsided when it comes to appreciating our little selves for growing up great, fast, and reaching so far in our endeavor!

Our minds are often clouded with the fact of being that “illusioned perfect version” of ourselves that the society has standardized for us or else what we might have created for ourselves. We tend to forget that how great life can be when we give up on being the “perfect version”, giving our 100% into something whilst yearning to be perfect are two entirely different things.

Hard work takes a person “one step ahead” in what she/he is doing. But when we strive to be “perfect” which is unreal, we forget to measure our progress and instead gobble ourselves into overthinking, anxiety and stress.

When we learn to accept ourselves and learn contentment in what we have earned until now, the pathway towards happiness looks more clear and transparent. So it’s important that we stop looking at things way too critically and instead learn to enjoy every bit of what we do.

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