Let’s face it, we’ve all had those days when even the tiniest things may make us mad. We all feel furious from time to time, and it’s a natural part of life, albeit one that isn’t very enjoyable.

You may have an endless supply of patience, but everyone has a limit! When you’ve arrived at your destination, there’s nothing like listening to some angry tunes to show your wrath.

Feel free to rage. Let your hair down, smack your head, and punch a wall (or maybe a pillow). You’ll be able to channel your all-consuming wrath into something a little more constructive, if not at least more enjoyable, with this amazing music. So, plug in your Walkman and crank up the volume on your boom box because you’ve got some music to listen to.

1. Eminem – ‘The Way I Am’

Of course, it’s the rap GOD. ‘The Way I Am,’ by Eminem, is unadulterated rage in its purest form.

2. Linkin Park – ‘In The End’

This is one of the best songs for a group to sing. The nice thing is that, in the end, it doesn’t matter if you sound like a dying cat.

3. Kanye West – ‘Black Skinhead’

Kanye West’s album ‘Yeezus’ was revolutionary and much innovative, but the song ‘Black Skinhead’ stood out above all others for its raw toughness and rage.

4. Pink – ‘So What’

Pink’s entire career has been built on beautiful songs. Fantastic live performances, and, of course, the hard-nut attitude we’ve all grown to love. ‘So What?’ is the song that best captures the essence of the ‘Missundaztood.’

5. Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit

It’s difficult to leave out Nirvana, the father of grunge music when it comes to classic angry songs. This submission was chosen by a coin flip over their other smash song, ‘Lithium,’ both of which are tremendous bangers.

6. Limp Bizkit – ‘Break Stuff’

Who can forget the red-capped Fred Durst and his late-90s rockers’ high-tension song ‘Break Stuff’?

7. Kelis – ‘I Hate You So Much  Right Now”

Isn’t the title of the song self-explanatory? Kelis also had a hit in 1999 with “Milkshake,” which was four minutes of rage-filled brilliance.

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