Do you want to live a meaningful and happy life? Here are 7 promising choices you can take up to lead to a happy life.

1. Try out things every day that pushes you out of your comfort zone

Following a routine gives you a sense of security. However, it is unfair to you if you grow into a person you are meant to be without pushing your limits and trying out new things. Exposing yourself to more experiences will help you discover your passion.

2. Live in the moment completely

Past will be in the past and the future is never promised. But the only certain thing in life is your present, so live it fully. You would enjoy life and experience the beauty in it if you slow yourself down and enjoy it.

3. Express gratitude with any chance you can

Remember how lucky you are, even if it doesn’t feel like it. When you share love and gratitude with every chance you get, you’d feel the overwhelming feeling of completeness and happiness.

4. Listen to your gut

Take time to calm your mind and listen to your body. If your gut tells you it is wrong and you can’t pinpoint it, it is your physical intuition telling you it is probably wrong.

5. Take time to reflect on relationships and make changes accordingly

It is pointless to spend your life with someone who exhausts you. Whoever you decide to keep in your life, is also important to show what and how much they mean to you.

6. Life is what is happening beyond your cell phone

For once keep your cell phones aside and experience all other things life has to offer you.

7. Let go the fear of not being accepted

Embrace your uniqueness and be the truest version of yourself. The people who are meant to be around you would accept you for who you are.

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