Eid is a complete event when family, relatives, and friends gather to rejoice.

Unfortunately, we’re living in one of the most unique periods in history, with the dynamics of social relationships and festivities continually changing.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time… It’s all about coming up with creative methods to celebrate!

Eid is a Muslim feast that Allah has blessed.

Festivals are not only a reason to celebrate but they are also a very good reason to share your happiness with your loved ones, friends and Neighbours.

Here are 5 ways to share your happiness with your neighbours this coming Eid.

1. Arrange a gift exchange.

Put the names of each member in your neighborhood who wishes to celebrate Eid along with you in a Kufi and have them pull one out. Whoever chooses a name must purchase or prepare a present for that person.

2. Look for those who are alone during Eid prayer and invite them over.

Some Muslims stand alone at the Eid prayer location, where there is a lot of hugging. They are either new Muslims or new immigrants who have no relatives or friends in the United States. Give them a hug and a warm welcome. If at all possible, invite them to a meal at your place. Also, let them know if any community centres are hosting Eid celebrations.

3. Takbirs.

On Eid, the mosques should be filled with Takbirs. Rather than snatching any brother who happens to be nearby to recite the Takbirs, organize a group of young brothers to do so and prepare ahead of time. This may be the finest Takbirs you’ve ever heard!

4. Offer help.

As a gesture of gratitude, assist someone in paying their rent to alleviate their financial stress. Assist someone in purchasing Eid clothing for their family. Help someone out by purchasing groceries and ration bags, or by distributing food to those in need. By funding a student’s education fees, you may help someone. Eid is a holiday that should be celebrated by everyone.

5. Welcome your non-Muslim neighbors.

Some of your coworkers, classmates, and neighbors may be unaware that Eid or the Hajj month is approaching. Bring it up casually in conversation; suggest a festive ritual you and your family will be participating in on Eid. Welcome them to share your festival and happiness with them.

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