One should live a life they love whether loving the already present or changing it to be the loving one.

Here are the ways to make a life you love without making bigger changes.

1. Clear space and pause

You need to clear your space and spend time with yourself without doing anything. You can only daydream or let loose your mind where it can explore the endless possibilities that would help you move ahead in life and make you happier.

2. Reflect and tweak

Do the things that you like and at the end of the day reflect on yourself and the things that you did. Find out where you need to tweak your life to decrease or increase the likes and dislikes in your life.

3. Experiment and adventure

No matter how busy you are, make time for small adventures. These adventures would move you out of your comfort zone and help you face your fears. You’d have more fun in life.

4. Soothe and nurture

Pay mindful attention to yourself and take care of yourself. You can pay attention to your body, the delicious meal as you have lunch or read a book sitting near the window as it rains.

5. Re-frame and re-label

We can improve our mindset or perspective on the things that are bugging us by changing our attitude. There are always two ways to see an exact same situation and it is up to you, in which way you want to see it.

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