It’s often just great to read an encouraging narrative about a young man that isn’t tainted by criticism or conflict. Sam Berns, who gave a Ted Talk a few years ago, has been watched by over 50 million people because his speech was so clear and motivating.

Sam was born with Down syndrome, a genetic ailment that causes those who have it to age far quicker than the rest of us. Sam passed away at the age of 17, yet his contribution to the world lives on.

He gave a speech titled “Three Rules for a Happier Life.” His message was not complicated, but it was powerful

1. Embrace what you can’t accomplish in the end because there’s so much you can do.”

Sam admitted that he is well aware of things he can’t do,but instead of dwelling on them, he concentrates on what he can do and what he is enthusiastic about. By making changes, Sam claims that you can place things that were previously unattainable or out of reach into the “can-do” list. He uses a clip of himself with the concert band, the tale he began with, to demonstrate this idea with an example, which better highlights his subject or main message.

2. “Gather a group of individuals you like to be around.”

Sam stressed the significance of surrounding yourself with high-quality people, fantastic friends, and a tight family. When Sam talks about how his connections in his life take precedence over all other wonderful aspects of his life, you can see him get swept up.

3. Continue to move forward.

Sam claimed that he was able to get through tough moments by having something to look forward to for the future, even if it was simply a new comic book or a football match. Sam was so upbeat and hopeful about his future.

“Being brave isn’t supposed to be easy,” Sam said. “But it’s the key to moving forward.”

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