While many pressure that religions talk about and uphold peace, love and pardoning and have coincided over an extensive period of time, others express that religion had been caught in numerous fights previously and numerous wars had a religious base. Some highlight the historical backdrop of wars between religions, between groups of a similar religion and between the strict and nonreligious others; and include that religion has frequently been utilized to legitimize war. Some consider religions and faith as exceptionally positive and a significant asset for change of life which should be embraced and protected.

So, it is difficult to conclude that there would be eternal peace if religions never existed. Many people believe that wars and chaos would still exist even without religions. However, there are still people who believe all wars and conflicts occur because of religions. The ones that deny it, use the fact that not all wars happen because of religion as a base for their argument. But if you dig deeper and deeper, there is always a religious mode to any conflict or contention. The people who don’t believe in god, called atheists, claim that they are more peaceful and freer of chaos even without religion in their life. They simply live their life without owing it to any deity.

Praying to the Gods of your respective faith will surely give you peace and calm. It is soothing and focusing to pray in a temple of God. it is highly positive to hold strong faith towards one almighty creator and live your life according to the religion. No religion teaches to hate, take revenge or any other bad attribute. All religions only preach their followers to follow the path of humanity and live in harmony. If every religious person lives by these terms, there won’t be any conflicts, to begin with. But the same love and calm for your particular faith become rage and hatred when someone speaks ill about your religion or God. This is what leads to fights and wars and eventually, peace is destroyed. Hence it doesn’t matter which religion you belong to whether religion makes or harm the peace among us. The only thing that matters is that we should abide by the teachings of our individual religion. We must all follow the religion of humanity. If this is achieved, peace will follow.