In this competitive world, we often forget one important thing and that is, to take care of ourselves. We tend to forget ourselves back in this rat race. We tend to be highly ignorant about ourselves. Understandably, other things are important in our lives but they are not as important as our lives. We tend to be too hard and harsh on ourselves.

We are so obsessed with the world that we lose ourselves and neglect our self-worth. Why do we tend to just focus on what the world has to say? What does it think about us? What does it expect from us? What it wants us to be like? Etc. And in this process of being what the world wants and expects us to be, we tend to get harsh on ourselves.

We tend to suppress our uniqueness, naturality and we tend to be more of the artificial version of ourselves. We tend to underestimate ourselves and our self-worth.

Take one step at a time, don’t stress and curse yourself, appreciate yourself for the little victories and failures. Try to see the good in the world and yourself. So we must stop being harsh on ourselves because when we love ourselves we begin to look at the world from a different perspective, we tend to love ourselves more as well as the world.

We tend to get less affected and stressed by worldly things, glory and desires. Most importantly, we become the best and unique version of ourselves.

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