It is true that we can’t change the past and can’t forget how it has affected us deeply. But after some time it is best to let go on the strings that are holding your past against you making you pessimistic and depressed. Life is full of chaos and nobody has a perfect or lives a perfect life. Everyone hits a hiccup every now and then. But sometimes those obstacles or difficulties leave a deep wound behind and it seems impossible to forget or let it go. In any case, it is important that we do it, irrespective of how hard it is. Thinking about your past is like attaching yourself with a boulder when you are swimming. It only makes it harder to swim. Similarly, in life, thinking about past pulls you down in your present and future.

Try meditating and keeping yourself busy whenever thoughts from your past swing by your brain. Surround yourself with happy and delightful people who keep you smiling and make you laugh. If the past bad-incident is associated with your relationships, take some time alone and try to groom yourself. Delete everything related to your ex from your phone so that nothing reminds you of them. Spend more time with your family and friends so that you don’t feel lonely. If your experience is about your career, understand that this is not the end. Everyone fails at some point in their life. What is more important is that you move past your failures and keep working until you reach your goals. Ignore to what others are saying about you and silence them with your success.

Your past failures and bad experiences will always come in your mind whenever you are persevering to make your life better. If you haven’t accepted your past and made peace with it, getting anything done in your life will be next to impossible.