Conflict is an unavoidable aspect of human existence. Every human community is inescapably caught within a cyclical network of battles, struggles, wars, and disputes because it is impossible to be human without being in conflict.

Humans, like our closest living cousins, chimps and bonobos, are programmed to engage in violent conflict with one another. Nonetheless, we, like our forefathers, have the ability to resolve conflicts.

When someone or a different part of you suggests, “well, let’s try something different,” you’ll see conflict. Innovativeness, evolution, advancement, and development are all visible manifestations of life’s vitality. Every day would have been the same without them. We’d be fully formed, with nothing fresh to strive for or look forward to.

So the issue isn’t truly one of disagreement. It’s the harmful emotional reaction we have when we’re in a fight.

Conflict causes us grief because it separates the past from the present. Internally, it’s having a new desire but not being emotionally prepared to give up old routines. it’s when we’re confronted with a behaviour we’re not prepared to handle.

It would be foolish to expect a life free of strife. After all, conflict leads to innovation and creativity as we seek to find solutions. Nothing ever changes in a world where there is no conflict. This is something we witness in our daily lives and in science. In truth, crises are necessary in science without them, there would be no innovation. A life without conflict cannot be lived in peace. It has to be a life of conflict and growth. Harmony does not imply a lack of conflict. It’s a condition in which disagreement results in beneficial transformation.

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