It’s usual to wake up with a hazy vision in the morning, but if it happens frequently, you might wonder what’s causing it. The most prevalent cause of blurry vision after waking up is the presence of dried tear secretions on the eye’s surface. This is why many people rub their eyes when they wake up; they are attempting to clean their vision by clearing these secretions.

Here’s why we have blurry visions after waking up

1. Dry tears

Your overnight tears can dry on the surface of your eyes, resulting in poor, foggy vision in the morning. After waking up, blink a few times to remoisten your cornea and remove blurriness.

2. Contact lenses

When you sleep in your contact lenses, the oxygen supply to your eyes is reduced, resulting in dry eyes and blurred vision when you wake up. Before going to sleep, you should always remove them.

3. Fans

Sleeping with a fan may offer the ideal room temperature at night. Even if your eyes are closed while you sleep, fans can dry, irritate, and irritate them, resulting in blurred vision in the morning.

4. Sleeping with your face against your pillow

Not only is sleeping face down unhealthy for your neck and skin, but it can also be hazardous for your eyes. Floppy eyelid syndrome is a result of sleeping in this position. Burning eyes, tearing up, and hazy vision in the mornings are all symptoms of floppy eyelid syndrome. Though it is more common in overweight men, anyone can be affected.

5. Oil glands

To keep your eyes moist, meibomian glands, which are microscopic oil glands on the inside of your eyelids, produce oil and water-based tears. While sleeping, they make insufficient oil and water in the eyes. In the morning, this can cause eye irritation and poor vision.

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