The personal chats that you have with yourself can be either an influential stepping stone or a major barrier to reaching your motives. Instructing yourself that you’ll never be successful or that you are not as better as other people, will decrease your feelings of self-worth and discourage you from encountering your fears. If you tend to be extremely critical of yourself, you’re not alone. Many people experience self-doubt. But remember that you don’t have to be a victim of your own verbal abuse. Rather, take efforts to proactively deal with your negative emotions and thoughts and develop a more positive talk with yourself.

Here are the ways to tame your inner critic

1. Develop an understanding of your thoughts.

Pay attention to what you’re thinking about and understand that just because you think something, doesn’t imply that it’s true. Our thoughts are often unreasonable, prejudiced, and disproportionate.

2. Stop ruminating

When we make an error or we have a bad day, we may try to re-play the incidents over and over in our heads. But, frequently reminding ourselves of that awkward thing we did, or that controversial thing we said, will only make you feel awful and it won’t solve the difficulty. The more you attempt to resist thinking about something, the more you’re likely to concentrate on it. Rather, divert yourself with an activity, like going for a stroll, organizing your wardrobe, or talking about a totally different subject.

3. Welcome your weakness and imperfection with compassion

Self-compassion is kindness directed toward ourselves. Instead of avoiding internal bullying, we can accept that life is complicated, and we are all imperfect beings living an imperfect existence.

4. Give yourself a self-care, and be kind to yourself

Give yourself a few minutes to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. For example, go for a walk, go swimming, do some yoga and engage in a mindfulness exercise. By giving this kind of self-care, you also provide some kindness to your body as well as mind.

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