Sure, breakups from romantic relationships hurt. But have you ever had a fallout with your friends? Someone you shared a great bond with and then you no longer talk and don’t share the same bond anymore? Friendship breakups hurt too. But here are five ways that can help you make peace with your friends after a fight. After a fight, making peace with friends is a crucial part of maintaining healthy and joyful relationships between the two of you.

It is up to the two of you whether you continue to retain your friendship, but it is critical to settle any lingering bitterness and address it rather than allowing it to fester.

1) Apologize

One of the best ways to apologize but at the same time, do it only if you truly mean it. Offer your apologies for your part in the fight. Accept that you both contributed to the fight and do not try to place blame on your friend. Insisting that your friend apologizes for their part in it will just complicate the situation and will not lead to a peaceful resolution.

2) Express yourselves

While trying to patch up, try to understand and carefully listen to your friend’s part of the story. Understand their perspective. At the same time, if you didn’t like something they said or did, try to express it in a healthy way.

3) Do it in person

One of the most important ways to make peace with your friends after a fight are to do it in person rather than over a text or phone call.

4) End on a positive note

Most important thing to do when you make peace with your friend is to end it on a positive note. Do not leave problems unattended as it will lead to frustration and fights later on.

Here are a few ways to make peace with your friends after a fight.

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