Fear is a normal feeling that runs through our lives and if we let our fears take a hold over us, they’d prevent us from achieving our potential.

Here are the ways to live a less fearful life.

1. Relax

Fearful situations make us tense without even releasing it and therefore it is important to learn to let go of your tension. Relaxation is an important factor to a life free of stress and fear.

2. Be mindful

You let anxiety and fear take over you when you are living in the past or in the future. You need to learn to live your life in the present moment and enjoy it every day.

3. Reframe

Words that you tell yourself won’t change what is going to happen but it is capable of changing how you feel about it. That is the power of words. When you work on reframing what you say, you gain a positive perspective on all the things around you.

4. Connect

When you fear, you tend to isolate yourself from yourself and the world. You need to understand that connecting with the people around you is important for a healthy life.

5. Challenge your fears

Challenge the things that you fear and you’d release how absurd that fear is. When you challenge your fears, you build in self confidence and help you to live your life in its true and full version.

6. Be kind to yourself

Stop punishing yourself for any stupid mistakes. It is okay to be afraid and make sure to be kind to yourself

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