The monster present inside you possesses the ability to invoke social anxiety and make it worse around some people. It usually gets worse around arrogant, judgemental and superior people.

That is not it, social anxiety would intensify the fear around authority figures as well even if they are kind. Social anxiety is the main cause of intense feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem. These feelings arise because you consider everyone to be superior to you.

Your brain decides that pretty much everyone is better or cooler than you and that everyone thinks that you are either stupid, ugly or worthless. These factors prevent you from getting closer to people in order to avoid any judgement, mocking or rejection. When you fail to follow the brain’s idea of people, the trigger of anxiety goes off.

Meditation is a way to make these thoughts lose their grip on your mind. Practicing meditation would tame the unpleasant emotions from arising. Although, you’d feel at peace with meditation, if you stop, the chaos of the society and city would come back to you making you experience the same old anxious emotion.

However, even if the effects of meditation would last for some hours, it has the power to make you feel stronger and more peaceful. Nothing in life is meaningless. When you spend time with nature, you are engulfed with peace and you just feel. When you sit in peace with nature, the feelings of unworthiness, or not feeling good enough would disappear making place for peace.

With nature, you allow your thoughts to be. You neither stop them, create them nor analyze them. They would help you become everything you want to be. So, just sit with nature and do nothing and it would help you to overcome your social anxiety in time.

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