Peace is the most important factor that the world yearns for. Peace resides between us, but we often tend to search it at different places. Peace and calmness are the internal state of a person’s mind that influences her/his external environment. When a person is at peace with herself there eventually will be peace in the external world. We must be at peace with ourselves first to see the world at peace. When you are at peace when you convince yourself of all the great that you have achieved, no external force can affect your peace or how great you feel!

Is it so hard to find peace? Not necessarily, as said earlier, peace isn’t a material-oriented object or thing that can be sold or purchased from a supermarket, it’s an emotion, a state of the human mind and only human individuals have the power to control and feel it.

For eg: When in situations you get angry over certain things, especially when you can “convenience” and control yourself to feel “calm” and “peaceful” instead you act violently aka violating your own “peace.”

So peace resides in you, you must practice and nurture self-love, also give love to the external environment. By being kind and generous towards others and trying to resolve matters more intellectually, wisely, and calmly rather than through aggressive means you can make everything peaceful.

Meditation is a scientific, spiritual, or biological way that can lead you towards the path of peace. We also should learn to calm ourselves in situations where we might feel triggered, sometimes it might become tricky to avoid the situation all at once, we must learn techniques on how to control our anger and triggers in this manner we can be at peace.

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