If you are falling into the trap of depression or anxiety and are not so much into traditional treatments such as medication, talk therapy, exercise or relaxation techniques, then you can dive into creative and meaningful activities.

Here are 5 hobbies that can help you deal with depression.

1. Photography

Mindfulness is recommended by many experts and photography is one such mindful activity.

Picking up your camera and heading out to exciting places is the best way to fight off anxiety or depression. It helps you make and preserve new memories that you create with nature.

2. Drawing or Painting

Scientists have proven that participating in creative activities work towards relieving stress and anxiety. Plus, art holds a great connection with health benefits, that is it improves physical and psychological health.

If you have not done art before, it is always good to explore and begin drawing and painting.

3. Swimming

If you are into swimming, dive into a pool and let the pool-water take away your anxiety and depression.

Swimming is believed to be a relaxing hobby that reduces stress and is a good workout for the body.

4. Hiking

Nature trails or nature prescriptions as the doctors like to write helps their patients to disconnect with technology and connect with the nature around them.

It is a great remedy to calm your ruminating thoughts that are the cause of depression.

5. Dancing

Dancing is considered as the moving meditation. It is an amazing mood booster that takes your mind off worries and fear.

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