To forgive oneself is to get rid of the emotional baggage that one might be carrying with themselves since forever. A person who’s deeply wounded from within seems to feel deep remorse for their actions. It might be that certain unusual circumstances might have occurred because of the mistake of a particular person in question.

At such times, we might tend to bad-mouth ourselves for behaving a certain way. But, it’s important to remember that it’s OK to make mistakes, it’s ok to remind ourselves of the fact that we are humans and no one is born “perfect”. Yet we should learn from our mistakes and promise ourselves to not repeat a similar mistake anytime in our life.

Always remember, no one is as great as a person who reflects, learns from his/her mistakes, and moves on peacefully with her/ his life. In the process of forgiving ourselves for the wrong that we might have done, it’s necessary we also focus on the good in ourselves.

We must remind ourselves of the good qualities we possess and how much they would be of help to the world. The best part of forgiving ourselves is when we come to the terms to” take account of our actions rather than blaming others”.

Great essayist, Erasmus rightly said, “No man is wise at all times or is without his blind side”. Which means “good and bad exist in the same man”. So life is all about learning, failing, making mistakes, and owing ourselves a commitment to be a good and truthful person. Hence, making mistakes but learning from them is essential for a happy life.

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