Nobody ever said life was going to be easy. Everything appears to be well in your world one day, maybe not perfect, but everything appears to be going according to plan. Then something unexpected happens.

In truth, life is frequently unjust. Accepting that life isn’t supposed to be fair might go a long way toward helping you get through difficult situations.

Here are a few steps to help you accept tough situations

1. Acknowledge

When confronted with a difficult situation, some people prefer to remain in denial.

Recognize the issue, regardless of your feelings about it. Prepare yourself to tackle the situation head on if you want to succeed. Even if you can’t change the circumstance, accepting it and moving on can help you accept it.

2. Let go off the idea of “fair”

We’re all about what’s fair and what’s not. You’d think we’d figure out early on that life isn’t fair, but instead we cling to our idealised versions of reality. Work that is put in should be rewarded. Kindness should be returned in kind. When things don’t go our way, we become enraged with the world and feel sorry for ourselves.

It doesn’t matter how furious you are about life’s injustices; the fact is that things are often random and beyond your control. When you find yourself spiralling down an unjust path, remind yourself, “It is what it is.” And accept it for what it is.

3. Learn from the situation

When confronted with a difficult scenario, concentrate on what you can learn from it. Concentrating on the lesson allows you to concentrate on positive change, making you feel empowered rather than deflated.

4. When assistance is required, seek it

Asking for assistance can be a sign of bravery and strength. Don’t be scared to seek assistance in a number of ways to help you cope with a difficult life situation.

Don’t expect others to know what you need, whether it’s practical assistance or emotional support. You’ll have your needs met faster if you tell folks what they can do to help.

5. Asses what you can change and what you cannot

Don’t waste your time and energy attempting to improve something you can’t. Spending too much time yearning for things to be different isn’t going to help. Determine what you have power over and vow to change it.

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