One of the most devastating characteristics of toxic relationships is their ability to undermine our self-esteem. When we are continually belittled, scolded, or manipulated by someone we care about, we tend to absorb and believe these negative signals. This can result in feelings of inadequacy and poor self-worth, which can be difficult to overcome even after the relationship is over.

Another feature of toxic relationships is how they may make us feel stuck. We may feel unable to quit the relationship because we are financially reliant on the other person or because we hope they will change and things will improve. This can lead to feelings of pessimism and helplessness, which can be difficult to overcome.

So, how do we get out of poisonous relationships? The first step is to admit that we deserve better. We deserve to be treated with dignity and kindness, and we should not accept anything less. The second stage is to establish limits. This might entail notifying the other person that certain behaviors are unacceptable, or it could mean breaking off communication entirely.

It’s also critical to seek help from friends and family, as well as a therapist or counselor. They can assist us in processing our emotions and provide us with the tools and resources we require to go ahead.

Finally, leaving a toxic relationship might be tough and unpleasant, but it is vital for our health. We may begin to recover and progress towards a more peaceful and fulfilled existence by realizing that we deserve more, setting boundaries, and seeking assistance.

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