Imagine you are given the privilege to choose a country or place in the world to live in, which place will you choose? Whichever it is, you will surely consider peace to be the main feature of the place. As a generation that has witnessed the effects of wars, poverty, terrorism and chaos, we all long for inner peace and satisfaction. Many may even dream about going to study abroad and get settled there for a better lifestyle. However, choosing this new place should be perfect and have no disadvantages because we may not get a second chance to do so. Here’s a list of places that you will find peaceful to visit: –

  • Iceland – There is hardly any match for the scenic view this place has to offer. But that is not all. Iceland has a 100% literacy rate and the population here is highly tolerant of the minorities. There is very less criminal activity in this place and provides good quality of education. You can visit Iceland for a vacation as and if you are impressed you can even think of settling there.
  • New Zealand – Another country with breathtaking views of nature, New Zealand is also one of the least polluted countries in the world. People in New Zealand get a satisfactory number of holidays so that they can enjoy the scenery and sports in the country.
  • Switzerland – Preferred by most of the married couples as a honeymoon destination, the land of swiss is covered with a blissful view of mountains and snow. The authority of Switzerland has productively invested in making the health of their citizens good and provide everyone with a decent education. The country is famous for its chocolates, banking and army knives.
  • Japan – Everyone knows that Japan is advanced in all kinds of technology and averting natural disasters. You will be amazed to find that every public restroom in Japan is spotless. They have a transport system that certainly puts all the nations behind. People here are kind and promote peace with all means.
  • Canada – The average household income in Canada is 28,000$ every year which is very high even among the superpowers. Canada is also known for its strict meritocracy policies for a student seeking education here. It is a peaceful nation with great opportunities and scenic views.

Whenever you choose to go, there will be at least a little chaos or a disadvantage in every place. No nation can be called 100% free of chaos and full of peace. Even so, you can refer to the above places to choose a place with the least disadvantages.