Anxieties are a common occurrence and easing them is an individual’s responsibility for a stressful and peaceful life.

An amazing trick to ease your anxiety is to change your perspective. Changing your perspective gives you a chance to create a new and useful narrative of a certain situation.

It is your interpretation and thinking that has the power to relieve your distress.

During an anxiety bounding situation, it is better to get rid of self-centred thinking and focus on what actually happened. It lowers the overwhelming thoughts and feelings.

Develop a broader perspective like a third party thinking.

Observing your experience from a distance rather than seeing them with how you felt gives you an opportunity to rise over your point of view of an event.

When you adopt third person thinking, it improves your reaction to the stressful situation. The brunt of pain and anxiety are considerably less. It teaches you to manage future stressors in a challenging way and feel less threatened. It helps you to worry less about the things that usually worry you a lot.

Third person thinking helps to improve the performance. For example, when you self-distance or adopt third party thinking, you tend to give better public speaking performances.

Studies have also shown that athletes who develop a broader perspective are more likely to perform better.

Ensure that you are friendly with yourself and that you are not still judging yourself by third person thinking.

Give yourself a self talk that you’d give a friend who went through a similar situation.

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