Stress is different for everyone as the factors that trigger stress vary from person to person. When you are aware of the stress causing situations and environments you can effectively handle your stress.

Here are some tips to have a less stressful life.

1. Get plenty of sleep

Getting plenty and quality of sleep at night is not only important for your overall health but also your emotional being. People who have a lack of sleep tend to experience high levels of stress. Additionally, their satisfaction level is also low in life.

It is recommended to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep.

2. Plan and prepare

The best way to avoid stress is to plan your schedule in advance. Planning and making a list of things and how you are going to tackle them helps a lot in lowering stress levels.

3. Participate in physical activity

Physical activities have proven to be beneficial in reducing physical and mental tension and hence reduces the risk of depression as well. Physical activities can be as simple as walking, dancing, riding a bicycle or any other thing.

4. Be your own mentor

Mentors are the people who believe in us and encourage us. They help us to find our hidden talents and strengthen them. When you find it difficult to go on through with life, they talk you through it. So, when you are plagued by stress or a tough situation, be your own mentor.

Replace your negative pep talk with positive ones.

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