Every time we look in the mirror, we are reminded of our physical flaws. When we fail to respond to a situation in an emotionally balanced manner; when we realize we were untruthful to ourselves and others; or when we harshly criticize ourselves for not achieving something that is defined as successful or good by social convention, we sometimes reflect on our flaws or character flaws.

Embrace your faults for these reasons

1. You no longer get sidetracked from your genuine purpose

You give way to what is true and authentic when you quit chasing an ideal that isn’t truly yours. You offer yourself more freedom to pursue your life’s mission without being hindered. Becoming perfect has nothing to do with being the best version of yourself in line with your life purpose.

2. It makes you feel better

It’s toxic and draining to play the game of continually reacting to or denying your flaws and attempting to be someone else’s version of perfect. Embrace who you are with all of your shortcomings and accept yourself as you are. It liberates you and makes you feel lighter.

3. You learn to be open to other people’s flaws

When you learn to accept your shortcomings and understand that you are flawed, you open yourself up to other people’s flaws as well. You become less impatient and angered by the things that others do, which you generally consider to be negative character traits. You’re less likely to pass judgement, which gives you more room to embrace and welcome others as they are, with no preconceived notions.

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