For decades now humanity has witnessed so many destructive and violent experiences. The two world wars we experienced in the past were so violent and destructive that humanity once feared extinction. Given today’s military strength of the countries around the world and weapons like atomic bombs, if another war breaks out, that could be the end of us all. Not just wars but also ecological destruction is promoting chaos over peace. By each shredded or cut tree, we are reducing the deadline we have until nature acts out. The tsunamis and floods, the forest fires, the uneven weather changes are all part of our doings and someday or the other we will have to pay for it. We will have to pay a price that cannot be paid in money and thus there will be no peace.

Imagine a world where we are experiencing constant natural disasters so frequent that we constantly live in fear of getting hit. Imagine that war was broke out and the only thing you can think about is how can you avoid the enemy’s nuclear attack that can wipe out cities and towns in a single blow. With things likes this running in our minds, how can we ever be peaceful? How can we ever find peace if things like these happen? You probably may be safe right now and not affected by these problems yet. However, there are places like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan in the world that are still facing poverty and lack of education due to ongoing wars and looking at the situation there, it feels like a start to something very destructive.

Scientists claim that we only have the next 12 years to correct our mistakes and start rebuilding our earth. But even after so many warnings, people are still ignorant about how they are affecting the world. Every time you burn a piece of plastic or cut down a tree, you are contributing to destructing our peace. Humans have been exploiting resources from nature just to simplify their lives all the while ignoring the fact that we are only destroying our chances of survival. Hence, peace can only be achieved if we end wars, exploitation and ecological destruction. That should be the goal of every nation or rather every human.

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