Emotions blind us to what we want, even if it isn’t necessarily what we require. One of the most difficult things for us to accomplish is to let go of feelings for someone who isn’t right for us.

Recognize that their dysfunction is not your fault. Allowing your emotions to excuse what your mind understands to be wrong, is a mistake.

As we grow older, we understand that life is simply too expensive to accept anything less than what we deserve. It’s painful to realize that not everyone has your best interests at heart, especially when you thought they did. It’s crucial to know when to leave.

It’s upsetting to have to give up all you believed was in your immediate future, and it takes a mental toll. But sometimes you have to make a decision that will hurt your heart. But hurting yourself temporarily is far better than living with the hurt for years.

Guarding your heart sometimes involves letting go of people, not because you no longer love them, but because loving someone sometimes necessitates removing them from your life in order to survive.

A broken relationship will cause you more grief than delight. Time will always show us whether we are correct or incorrect regarding our decision.

The decision to let go will break your heart right now, but it will eventually heal your soul in the long run.

Allow yourself to recover from the pain and restore your love for yourself, your life, and your worth. Make your own happiness from the inside out. Time will take its course and you will become stronger, better, and wiser as time passes.

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