In a society full of violence where everything appears to be momentary than its truth of being temporary, you begin to wonder if you live or die in the second moment.

Peace does not appear easily, it comes at a cost. The cost of opposing the truth, Right is good, it is morality and is fair, but peace is contentment

In professional life, it is very essential, to be honest, but it is even more vital to be at peace because no one is going to offer it to you.

Peace is more valuable because people will actually not understand who you are and where you come from. When you expect justice and fairness, you want to scream on top of your lungs to prove to the world that you are right. But you don’t necessarily have to do that always. Sometimes it is impressive to be silent and just enjoy the peace that exists rather than engaging in arguments with people who won’t understand.

When you utter less and you enable yourself to be accessible to things beyond how they occur. You are here to do incredible things and preferring to be always right, this only harms your mind and your will to just be. So permit yourself to see beyond what is accessible to you through bare eyes.

Peace is not anything you have to wait for but you are the one and let it become you completely. Like happiness is not a station one reaches at but a whole journey, likewise peace isn’t something you seek but you simply become it yourself.

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