True happiness is found in silence. We can take a minute to halt and digest life’s events when there is silence. We are able to hear the voice within us because it provides our inner self a voice. Strong connections can be forged in silence with both our surroundings and ourselves.

Here are several methods for learning the art of silence.

1. Be in Control of Your Talkative Tongue

Because of how noisy the world is and how frequently we chat nonstop, we frequently lose the art of silence, which makes stillness uncomfortable. When you repress the temptation to speak in order to break the silence around you, you will discover the art of silence.

2. Use wise speech

Speak with intent. Make a statement that will uplift others, make them laugh, or share some wise advice. Take advantage of your words.

3. Develop Your Ears

Another technique to master the art of silence is to mindfully listen to others’ talks without planning your next move or interjecting.

4. Failure to React

In tense situations, silence is golden. Instead of responding when someone makes a nasty or hurtful remark, keep your mouth shut and try to understand their point of view and the context.

5. Introspection

The practice of quietness in meditation. Your emotional, mental, and even physical well-being is maintained by it. It quiets the raucous outside world.

6. The sunsets

You will experience happiness as you silently see the sun setting. It’s the perfect time to lose yourself in the calming beauty of the sun and stop talking or even thinking.

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