With so much chaos going in our lives and brain, we as a whole wish to settle it for the last time. There are numerous approaches to accomplish it yet picking the best one is an overwhelming errand in itself. Finding peace can be difficult for those without any hope or aim in their life, whereas people with sheer determination and eyes set on their goal can achieve peace by implying some ideas in their day-to-day life. One of which is ‘kindness’. Kindness is a very rare emotion that very few people are able to depict. Blessed Mother Teresa once said that ‘Peace begins with a smile and it matures with Kindness’.

It may seem weird or hard to believe that how can a simple gesture of smiling bring us peace. But get over it and start believing it. We must start by bringing the qualities of compassion and smiling to develop peace within us forever. You won’t achieve total peace by this but unless you start by something you cannot end it. We can at least agree on the fact that this world is interconnected with each and everything around us. Your simple step of giving your beautiful smile to someone can brighten their day. And they will carry on with the rest of their day with a smile on their face. This way we may have a huge impact on brightening everyone’s day and making this world a better place to live in.

The fact that you made someone’s day by smiling gives you immense joy and inner peace. If someone wrongs you, be kind and let go of it. Practice the art of forgiving and forgetting. Carry compassion towards the people who need it and be as humble as you can. This will help you develop an innocent yet strong character. You are judge by the character you have and not anything else matters. Being kind will always help you avoid arguments or fights. You will be free of all the chaos this life has to offer and maintain your peace and calm.