As far as character traits go, helping and caring are two of them. However, our noble intentions can occasionally lead to inefficient helping and giving. The idea is to create limitations when warning indicators of harmful assistance occur, rather than to quit helping entirely.

Here are signs that tells that it’s time to stop helping others and help yourself

1. Help as much as you can.

Helping others is a thoughtful gesture, but if it comes at the cost of your own well-being, you’re doing yourself harm. Consider that for a moment. Who will look after you if you offer more than you can handle and become burnt out? Never put too much of yourself out there. It is foolish to ignore your own wellbeing. You’re adding to your family’s workload.

2. Help at the right moment and in the right place.

This is worse than not supporting them at all if you aid them at the wrong moment and in the wrong situation. You might have the right intentions and sound advice for the other individual. But, is the person in a suitable state to take your support? When you try to assist them, you may make them feel unwanted. Instead, try to keep yourself at arm length. Some people have to learn valuable lessons on their own.

3. Know that some people don’t need your help.

Some people feel it necessary to assist others. They have a strong desire to keep the other individual safe. However, the truth is that sometimes, people simply do not want to be rescued. You can’t do anything. It is entirely up to that person. Do yourself a favour and leave them to it.

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