It’s a cosy Sunday morning. You are sitting on your porch and are trying to listen to the birds singing and the whirling of the wind while holding your coffee in your hand. And just then a series of unmelodious sounds disrupt your entire mood of being peaceful and calm and the next thing you know you are all annoyed and red. This is what happens to the majority of the people who live in a noisy neighbourhood. If your house is surrounded by learner musicians, playgrounds, high traffic zones, a railway station or an industry with machinery working all day, you are obvious to have an annoyed and disrupted state of mind. Noise pollution has a huge mental impact especially on people who don’t know the ways to maintain their peace. Here are some things that you can try: –

  • Soundproofing – Soundproofing your house can be very beneficial since it won’t allow any noise to enter your house in the first place. It is easy to be calm if you don’t hear the noise in the first place. You can do it for an entire house or just for the room that is prone to more noise or you spend the most time in.
  • Meditation – Meditating has a huge impact on keeping you peaceful. Despite the noise around you, you can train your mind and body to absorb all the chaos and live with it. If you train your mind good enough, whatever the intensity of the noise is, you will not feel disrupted or annoyed at all because of meditating.
  • Spending more time away from home – If you have a good idea of exactly when the neighbourhood becomes noisy you can just leave your house to go out and do the outside tasks at that time and return home to a peaceful neighbourhood again. For instance, if you know that your neighbour practices his drums at 10 in the morning, you can just go to the market or buy groceries at that time itself. By the time of your return, it will be peaceful again.
  • Visit public libraries – If you have to study or get work done, you can get a library membership and spend your work hours in the library. No place is quieter than a library.
  • Relocate – It is correct to say that you should not have to move because of someone else or something else. But when it comes to your mental stability, you cannot comprise just because of a silly rule. Also, it is easy to skip doing all the things you do to silence your neighbourhood and just move to a different and quieter place.