They become irate, degrade you, and could even make you weep! An angry employer may spoil your day or your time at work, and there are moments when you simply want to quit. When your supervisor has severe anger issues and acts too aggressively to the point of being unprofessional, apply this advice to cope with them.

Avoid retaliation or acknowledgment

When our employers lose it and say hurtful things to us, the majority of workers often respond in kind. Sometimes their rage is well-deserved, but other times it goes a bit too far and makes us seem bad in front of the entire office. However, it might be smarter to listen to your supervisor rather than defend yourself.

Recite your manager’s comments.

Say what you learned from your supervisor in a sincere manner rather than in a mocking manner. You have to prove that you paid attention. Avoid using harsh language; instead, clarify the accusation and seem as though you’ve learned your lesson and won’t do it again.


Although it may not be your favorite thing to do, there are instances when it is vital to apologize. Admit your errors and express regret. It is in your best interest to apologize, even if you feel the apology is uncalled for. Saying the magic words just causes your boss’ rage to subside, allowing you to carry on with your talk.

What can you do, ask?

Asking your manager what you can do to correct your error and improve the hostile environment at work is a step in the right direction. Bring solutions to him or her. Bosses seldom have a remedy when they are furious. Therefore, it is essential to focus your wits and put them to use.


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