Another rush of technology is rising quick worldwide change. This mechanical change has made new open doors for multilateral collaboration, yet the UN has on occasion battled to stay aware of the movement of progress. This battle brings about part since private area and common society actors are frequently ahead of the pack with regards to mechanical advancement. Another test is that new advances present open doors as well as new dangers to people and their opportunities which at times ends up disrupting the peace on earth. It’s safe to say that Japan would have been safe from the horrors of radiation if atomic bombs were never invented.

‘With great power comes great responsibility’. Whoever said this, he/she had realised that the way the world is changing and rushing towards scientific advancements without taking a breath, it will surely hit a wall at some time in the future. The best example to define how technology has disrupted our peace can be given by how the ringing of our mobile phone disrupts our sleep and we can’t go back to sleep again since you were disturbed. It makes you annoyed and irritated for the rest of the day and hence compromising your sleep. It is understandable if you suddenly feel like nothing much, would have happened if you never owned a mobile in the first place. Indeed, smartphones have really changed the way we live our life. We almost depend on our smartphone for everything. But at times we get so engrossed on the social media that we fail to live the moment and ignore the beautiful things around us. If you are the kind of person who has to snap every dish he eats in a restaurant, then you have been living your life wrongly.

Being self-aware that technology only exists for us to be able to live our lives smoothly and easily is what can save you from this chaos. Every time you choose watching TV over playing with your younger sibling, you miss out a great deal about living a peaceful life. We can keep debating over this for centuries, but we still cannot establish a reasonable statement to the fact that wars are only alive because guns are still manufactured. Once the guns are banned, no one will be too brave or active enough to fight with bare hands. The only way to be peaceful is to limit your use of technology to your needs and not your wants.