To believe in God is to keep all your biases aside. You can’t sit and question the existence of God just because you are highly driven by logic! Your faith and most importantly your trust is what takes you closer to God. Believing in the existence of God can bring you internal peace. God is the source of all greatness in the world.

The term God itself has so much positivity, strength, goodness and hope hidden in it. You don’t necessarily have to follow a particular religion to believe in God. God stays in everyone’s heart. A pure, kind and generous heart is where God resides, God resides in every species.

Even when you follow a particular religion, and when you pray with your whole heart, it brings you closer to God as well as yourself. Praying to God can bring you peace because when you pray, you keep yourself away from all sorts of disturbances. It helps you internalise all the goodness of the world.

When you pray to God you ask for forgiveness. Praying to God is a form of conversation you hold with your best friend. It makes you feel stress-free, calm and happy.

Our faith plays a great role here. Just imagine, getting up, then rushing to the office, making your mind work in a hasty mode, then returning home, closing your eyes and conversing with God gets you peace of mind.

A prayer is a form of escapism from the worst and bad. Prayer makes us know God as it is a medium that takes us closer to him. So believe in the power of prayer and pray daily for a peaceful and happy life.

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