Anxiety is severe, unnecessary, and constant stress and fear about everyday situations. It’s normal to feel nervous about moving to a new place, starting a new job, or taking an exam. This type of anxiety is unpleasant, but it may encourage you to struggle harder and to do a better job. Ordinary anxiety is a feeling that comes and goes but does not obstruct your everyday life. But sometimes anxiety about severe situations can be difficult to deal with.

Anxiety leads to headaches, dizziness, despair, and depression. Anxiety can result in rapid heart rate, palpitations, and chest pain. You might begin to feel lightheaded and nauseous. An unnecessary or chronic state of anxiety can have a devastating consequence on your physical as well as mental health.

Anxiety may also lead to digestive difficulty, insomnia, or other sleep issues, weakness or fatigue. But you need to decrease this anxiety by calming your mind.

Ways to calm your mind

1. Breathe

Breathing is one of the most beneficial techniques for lessening anger and anxiety.

2. Listen to music

The next time you feel that your anxiety level is increasing, grab your earphones or headphones and play your favorite music. Listening to music can have a very calming impact on your body and mind.

3. Relax your body

When you’re nervous or furious, you can feel like every muscle in your body is tense. Practicing muscle relaxation can enable you to calm down and lessen your anxiety.

4. Get some fresh air

The temperature and air circulation in a room can sometimes increase your anxiety or anger.
Going out in the environment and getting fresh air helps calm you down and the change in the environment can help you to decrease anger and anxiety.

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