In the new technological world, being happy with a mere text is easy through various social media platforms. While this also impacts the functioning of the brain. How Digital detox, or simply taking a break from technology is an effective way to foster peace and help overall health matters.

Firstly, a digital detox can help us find peace by decreasing the stress and anxiety we face after watching others succeed or fail. With the continued connection with social media, we consume so much information, demands, etc which may make us feel unworthy of feeling overwhelmed. And amidst this relief can allow us to reset.

This allows us to focus on the current moment rather than be busy capturing them. Without the regular distraction of technology, one gets more time to explore things in the surrounding and enjoy life in different ways. This results in happiness and contentment.

The other benefit of digital detox is that it helps in better sleep. While using a screen the blue lights affect the sleep pattern. Simply put, being connected to digital devices makes it harder to fall asleep. And by taking a break we can overall improve our health and feel refreshed.